Motivation for marathon running

With summer just around the corner the many people want to get involved in a marathon. This is something more and more of us tend to consider now a days. Not only is it beneficial to your health and a great way to get in shape but it is also a great opportunity to raise money for a worthy cause. There are various fund-raising possibilities and support groups if you need some extra stimulus.

For those of us who don’t even own a pair of training shoes, running a long distance is a terrifying prospect, but thankfully hypnotherapy is there to help give you that little push.

Some of you might already know how successful hypnosis is for motivation and the same applies for running or jogging. Maybe you are running or jogging on a regular basis but have recently found it difficult to make time, or maybe you haven’t jogged before and are finding it difficult to find the motivation. Whatever the circumstances, there’s a way.

Motivation is what is needed to help you stick to schedules and routines but of course this is easier said than done. The first thing to do is to remember that motivation begins in the mind, so this is a sensible area to work on before you start training.

Hypnotherapy can access your unconscious mind and can then help to programme it with the motivation it needs. Once you feel as though you have gained as much as you can from one to one hypnotherapy sessions you can continue on your own with self hypnosis at home.

The motivation you have gained could help you to look forward to your daily jog or training session, feel good each time you have exercised, run a greater distance, steadily increase your endurance and strength and look and feel better as time goes by.

See you at the finish line!

PS) For additional information on how to train and prepare for running a full marathon, I suggest you visit this marathon training guide.

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