Marathon Training Nutrition

When you are running for a marathon you will find some essential nutrition requirements you should be conscious of.

Firstly, we all know that we are what we consume. This is all of the more important when running for a marathon because your body will probably be demanding the right minerals and nutrients due to the physical exertion it is going through. This is the reason that you must have a well balanced diet plan throughout your marathon preparation and avoid eating junk food simply because it will not supply your system with the nutritional needs it demands.

The power you have to carry out your training sessions and during the race comes primarily from the glycogen stores in your muscle groups and blood system. The more glycogen you have stored, the better you will perform. Glycogen could be thought of as being comparable to your endurance levels.

You will find two methods to effect the quantity of glycogen saved in your body. The very first is to train more. The more you exert your body through, the much more efficiently glycogen is stored in your body. Consequently to increase the quantity of stored glycogen is to train more miles.

The second way to influence the amount of glycogen saved in your body with a marathon training nutrition plan is to increase the quantity of carbohydrates inside your body. Carbohydrates are broken down into glucose. Glucose is a kind of sugar. Glucose is then broken down additionally into glycogen. It’s this glycogen that is then saved inside your muscle groups and blood vessels and is slowly released whenever your body demands more power.

This is not to say that your whole diet should consist of carbohydrates. This would only make you sick. Your system requires a balanced diet to perform at it’s greatest. For this reason, you can try having a diet plan throughout your running preparation that consists of say 25% proteins, 25% fats and say 50% carbs. Obviously, this will depend on your nutritional needs and also you should consult a medical practitioner prior to substantially changing your diet.

When looking at incorporating carbs into your diet plan, you should know that you will find two different types of carbohydrates. The very first carbohydrates are simple carbs. Simple carbohydrates are introduced rapidly out of your muscle groups and blood vessels when your system demands energy. These aren’t of much value when running for and competing for your marathon due to their rapid release time. Simple carbs are found in meals such as sugar, honey, jam, sweets and fruit. They act to give your body a temporary power increase.

The second type of carbohydrates are complex carbs. Complex carbohydrates are saved in your muscles and blood stream and are released slowly over a period of time during physical exertion. It’s this long-term release of power which can be ideal for running a marathon. Complex carbohydrates are found in meals like pasta, rice, beans, vegetables, bread, legumes and potatoes. The more of these complex carbohydrates you stuff into the body, the more long-term power will most likely be available to you during your running sessions and during your race.

Within the week prior to your marathon there is an additional procedure known as carbohydrate loading. Carbohydrate loading is increasing the percentage of complex carbohydrates inside your diet plan for a period of time. This in turn aims to stuff more glycogen into the body that can then be released as power when your system requires it during the race. Usually, your diet should consist of approximately 70% of these complex carbohydrates through the last 3-4 days prior to your marathon to become effective.

As you can see, there is a lot of value that can be obtained from following a marathon training nutrition diet plan and nourishment strategy. Not just can you improve your overall performance on race day by carbohydrate loading prior to your race but you can also improve your endurance levels within the lead up for your marathon by creating a nutrition plan that contains a big percentage of these complex carbohydrates.

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